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Twin Cities Flight Training is a Chapter 141, FAA Approved Flight School. We have a team of highly-dedicated FAA-certified flight instructors with thousands of hours of logged flight time to accommodate the skill level of students or pilots who need advanced training.

As one of only two Chapter 141 schools in the Twin Cities area, each of our courses follows an accredited, structured syllabus issued and updated by the FAA. For dedicated students who want to reach their pilot goals aggressively, our training school allows you to earn your Pilot Certificates in the most cost-effective way.

By offering both Chapter 141 and Chapter 61 training, we can ensure that you receive official FAA certification while saving considerable time and money in the process. To find out more about our flight school or to sign up for courses, contact us today at 763.780.4375.

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Private Pilot Training

Available 24/7 weekdays and weekends, our experienced instructors provide the most extensive training available in the area.

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Instrument Training

Take an instrument flight course to receive an Instrument Pilot Rating and fly like a pro in cloudy skies and low visibility conditions.

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Commercial Training

Commercial certification will prepare for a career in aviation. With a Commercial Pilot Rating, you can fly for hire or compensation.

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Flight Instructor Training

Become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) so you can help future students earn their private or commercial pilot certificates.

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Multi Engine Training

You can experience the thrill of flying with two-engine craft, or advance your aviation career & goals with a Multi-engine Rating.

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Cirrus Training

Take a three to five day flight course that will help you transition into flying a Cirrus aircraft for the first time.

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Accelerated Courses

We offer private pilot, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor training to help you expedite your flight instruction.

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Cirrus aircraft are among the most technologically advanced single-engine aircraft in the flight industry. Cirrus offers offer glass panels, modern avionics, leather interiors, and safety design of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.

Cessna sets the standard in high-wing aircraft flight instruction. Cessna’s reliability, air-worthiness, and versatility make this aircraft a great choice for student pilots. Our fleet includes Cessna 172SP models. All of our Cessna’s are IFR equipped with conventional instrumentation, which is valuable in initial flight instruction.

Piper aircraft are dependable, low-wing training aircraft with a stable training platform. We carry a PA-28 161 Warrior II and PA-28 200R Piper Arrow II in our fleet. The Piper Warrior is an IFR equipped, Garmin 430, which makes it the perfect choice for either private or instrument student. The Piper Arrow is a complex aircraft with a 200 horsepower engine & retractable landing gear.

We offer a wide range of flight simulators to fit almost any flight situation. We utilize our simulators for inclement weather, advanced ratings, emergency training, or any other scenario. Our simulators also range from a standard PC altitude training devices, up to Full Motion glass panel models.

Sign Up for Flight Courses and Become a Pilot Today!

If you are ready to take to the skies, contact Twin Cities Flight Training today. our classes are specifically designed to help you fly safely while improving your skills.

To sign up for our flight courses, call us today at 763.780.4375, or fill out the enrollment form on our contact page.

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