Aircraft Rentals

Aircraft Rentals

Are you looking to rent an aircraft to fly out of Minneapolis? Then contact Twin Cities Flight Training. We offer aircraft rentals for solo flight and group travel. We feature advanced avionics, superior safety, and comfortable aircraft that can transport you to your destination.

Our Fleet

Our fleet includes Cirrus, Cessna, and Piper air-conditioned aircraft loaded with cabin features.


Cirrus aircraft are refined and enhanced with improvements to heighten performance, increase comfort, and promote unwavering safety. Join our Cirrus Flying Club and save on rental and training.


The Cessna is one of the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built. With flexible flight styles, a full range of visibility, the Cessna Skyhawk is suited for student pilots. Pilots can rent a Cessna to continue working on their flight skills. Twin Cities Flight Training is currently upgrading all of its C172 aircraft with Garmin 430s and dual G5s.


Piper Aircraft is a general aviation manufacturer that offers a complete line of aircraft. Twin Cities Flight Training has two Pipers in its fleet. The PA28-161 Warrior II and the PA28-200R Arrow II.

Dependable, Well-Maintained Aircraft

Our certified technicians keep all craft maintained to the highest standards in the aircraft industry. We are proud of our 100% accident-free safety record. We ensure that our clients reach their destination without worrying about any problems along the way.

Rent an Aircraft From Twin Cities Flight Training Today!

Twin Cities Flight Training offers aircraft that are available for two-hour flight times. All you pay for is the gas and the rental fee and you can be up in the air in no time. Whether you are a student pilot or an experienced professional, you can rent an aircraft from our full fleet.

To find out more about our rental rates and available fleet, contact Twin Cities Flight Training school at 763.780.4375.

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