Whether you’re ready to rent and fly, or you own your own plane, you’re going to need to know the important details of operating your own aircraft. Below, we’ve provided a list of resources pilots at any stage will need. So if you’ve just received your Private Pilot Certificate, or you’re a veteran flyer, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your skills and knowledge before you jump into the cockpit.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

The AOPA provides excellent resources for certified pilots or pilots in training. Its mission is to protect and grow the field of aviation. By educating the public about the world of aviation, providing resources and training materials for pilots, and even advocating with government agencies, the AOPA is able to educate others and share their enthusiasm of aviation.

On the AOPA website, you will be able to review:

  • Instructional videos our own instructors use in lessons
  • Medical resources for both pilots and physicians
  • Renters insurance information (for those who want to rent with Twin Cities Flight Training)
  • Training and safety information for learning, beginner, active, or lapsed (former) pilots. The training and safety information includes:
    • Proper take-off, flying, and landing techniques for various weather conditions
    • General planning and decision-making information
  • Safety quizzes for pilots of all skill levels

Twin Cities Flight Training supports the AOPA and all its efforts toward general aviation.

Aviation Weather Center

Ready to take off? Be sure you know the weather forecast first! The Aviation Weather Center provides current and future weather conditions for various cities across the U.S. On its website, you can view any airport’s cloud cover, runway conditions, visibility, and more. Visit the Aviation Weather Center Website today:

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