At Twin Cities Flight Training, we provide top-quality maintenance services for Cirrus, Cessna, and Piper aircrafts. Properly maintaining your aircraft is one of the many responsibilities held by a pilot. Twin Cities Flight Training can assist you with standard aircraft maintenance services, as well as thorough and detailed maintenance services. From something as quick as an oil change to aircraft modifications, there are several reasons why properly maintaining your aircraft is crucial to succeeding as a pilot.


FAA Annual Inspection Requirement | As an aircraft owner, it’s important to follow FAA maintenance requirements closely. The FAA requires aircraft operated under Part 91 and not for commercial use, to go through an inspection every 12 months. This is called the Annual Inspection and it must be performed by an Aviation Maintenance Inspector. Our team of experts at Twin Cities Flight Training can help you stay on top of your aircraft’s inspection requirement with our thorough inspection services. We will make sure your aircraft is safe, ready, up to date, and legal for flight.


All Types of Inspections Hold Value | As an owner pilot, it’s important to know when you should take your aircraft in for inspection. While routine, calendar inspections are extremely important for the wellbeing of your aircraft, it’s also critical to keep track of your flight hours to keep your aircraft’s time critical maintenance inspections are completed in the proper order and at the correct times. Both types of calendar and time critical maintenance inspections are critical to your aircraft’s safety, lifespan and value.


Passenger Safety | Enforcing safety is a critical component of flying in the air, which is why regularly maintaining your aircraft is such an important responsibility. Taking your aircraft in for routine inspections can maximize the safety of both you and your passengers.


Cut Down on Unwanted Surprises | No one likes having their flight delayed due to aircraft maintenance. Depending on the issue, aircraft maintenance can consume valuable time and money. Taking your aircraft in for inspection on a regular schedule many times catches an item when it is still a small thing and before it could grow into a major and very expensive issue. When you or your passengers have an important destination to get to, unexpected maintenance can be a real inconvenience and cost.


Personal Reassurance | Preparing to fly an aircraft that has been routinely maintained by the professionals gives you a comforting peace of mind. Having a calm and collected mindset is critical for any person operating an aircraft, so do yourself a favor and contact the professional maintenance staff at Twin Cities Flight Training to schedule a maintenance service.


Part of being a responsible and certified aircraft owner is having your it taken in for routine inspections and maintenance services. At Twin Cities Flight Training, or team of qualified mechanics can thoroughly inspect your aircraft to ensure it is ready for take-off. To schedule a maintenance service, contact us today at 763-780-4375.