To receive your pilot private pilot license, the FAA requires you to have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time with 20 of those hours accompanied by a certified flight instructor. Although 40 hours is the minimum amount of flight time you must complete to receive your license, most students log 60 to 70 hours of flight time to ensure they pass their course.


For every flight hour you complete, you are required to participate in two to three hours of reading, flight planning, and ground instruction from a certified flight instructor. To progress at a healthy rate in your instruction, we recommend you schedule two to three sessions every week. Keep in mind, that weather, aircraft maintenance, and other circumstances can affect how long it takes to earn your private pilot license.


The average student pilot earns their license within six to eight months of starting a flight course.

Your Completion Time is Partly Up to You

The key to completing a flight course successfully and earning your license is your ability to grasp and apply flight concepts both on the ground and in the air. Therefore, your completion time is largely governed by how quickly you learn these concepts.


Your mastery of aviation will become crucial once you take off in an airplane by yourself or with a passenger. Therefore, you shouldn’t be in any hurry to learn and improve your skills. Instead, learn to enjoy taking the course at your own pace. There is no deadline for learning how to safely operate an aircraft.


Another factor in determining how long training will take is how often you schedule your courses. If you schedule a course only once a week, you will spend half of each lesson relearning concepts you have forgotten. This approach will take longer.

Can You Accelerate Your Training?

You can speed up your training by enrolling in an accelerated course. For instance, Twin Cities Flight Training offers two accelerated courses that help you earn your license at a faster rate:

1. 21-Day Private Pilot Course

You can take a 21-day Private Pilot Certificate Accelerated Course that will help you earn your license. You can qualify to fly solo or with passengers during the day or night. An instructor will accompany you as you learn how to fly your aircraft.


To qualify for the course, you must provide a third-class medical and student pilot certification, TSA approval, or proof of U.S. citizenship.

2. 10-Day Instrument Training Course

If you want to continue your education, but don’t want to extend your courses out weeks or months, you can enroll in a 10-day Instrument Training Course. This course will help you improve your flying skills in inclement weather solely relying on your instruments. You will become more adept at flying through low-visibility, Class B airspace in heavy clouds. A certified instructor will help you accelerate your training in 10 days.


To qualify for this class, you must provide a third-class medical certificate, Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument written passed or ready to be taken upon arrival, TSA approval or Proof of U.S. Citizenship, and a minimum of 30 hours of PIC cross-country experience.

Schedule a Flight Course in Minneapolis Today

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