Becoming a pilot is an ambitious dream for many adults and children alike. However, some people may not realize they want to get their pilot license until later on in life. In other cases, a person may know they’ve always wanted to get their pilot license but never found the time to complete the training until they were older.


If you’re concerned that you’ve grown too old to take on flight training, think again! There are a number of reasons why it’s never too late to start your flight training. The supportive instructors at Twin Cities Flight Training are ready to help you reach your dreams of becoming a pilot.


●        Training Scheduled Matched to Your Pace

At Twin Cities Flight Training, we understand that every student is unique and may have a unique learning experience. Because of this, our instructors will follow your desired pace. We’ll accommodate your skill level and individual requirements. Our training courses set our students up for success.


●        Variety of Training Courses

Sometimes it takes a while to know exactly what type of pilot you want to be. Twin Cities Flight Training provides a variety of training courses for you to choose from. From private pilot training to multi-engine training, you can find the route that fits with your dreams and goals best.


●        Expert Guidance and Instruction

Twin Cities Flight Training is one of the only Chapter 141 and Chapter 61 schools in Minnesota. Our flight instructors have years of experience and hours of training to provide students with expert guidance and instruction. When you learn with Twin Cities Flight Training, you can feel confident knowing you’re receiving top-notch training and experience, no matter your age or where you are at in life.


●        Accelerated Flight Training Options

If you’ve finally found the time to complete your pilot training but still want to get cloer to earning your license in a faster timeline, we have the solution for you! You can take an accelerated flight training course at Twin Cities Flight Training.


This comprehensive approach allows you to complete your private pilot courses in as little as 21 days. This is an excellent option if you’re balancing other responsibilities and need to focus quickly to get your training completed.

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Are you ready to get closer to your dream of becoming a pilot? Don’t let the fear of thinking it’s too late to complete your flight training stop you from enrolling. Twin Cities Flight Training invites all aspiring pilots ages 17 and older to enroll in their flight training today. To learn more about our courses, contact us today at 763-780-4375.