After deciding that you want to get your pilot’s license, the next step is to figure out when you should enroll in your flight training program. While there are benefits and downfalls to each season, there are also some noteworthy factors to consider when it comes to learning to fly during the summer.


Twin Cities Flight Training provides high-quality courses for a variety of types of flight training. There is a range of days you can choose from for your course timeline completion. Each course is designed to fit the needs and personal abilities of the student. While you can complete your training during any season, there are several reasons why the summer makes for an ideal time to take on your training.


●        Maximum Daylight Hours | If you’re hoping for long periods of daylight when you take on your course, you should highly consider completing your course during the summer. Daylight tends to be longer during the summer, allowing you to maximize the day’s potential.


●        Mostly Ideal Weather | Summertime typically provides flight students with calm weather that’s easy to fly in. While you will have to keep an eye on forecasts and plan your training around rainstorms, you can usually experience beautiful weather conditions when flying during the summer.


●        Flexible Schedules | With school being out of session and more free time on your hands, summer can make for an excellent time to complete your flight training courses. You won’t have to worry about studying for any exams or working around busy holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.


●        Vivid Colors and Views | You won’t see too much plant growth and life when flying during the winter or spring. By opting to complete your training during the summer, you’re guaranteed beautiful views with vivid and sharp colors as a result of all of the fully grown trees and vegetation.


If you’re looking for a simple, beautiful, and flexible time of the year to take on your flight training, consider enrolling for the summertime. In addition to the flight-friendly season, our instructors at Twin Cities Flight Training will work with you to find the best timeline and schedule to maximize your success.

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