Early adulthood often seems like an ideal time to take on flight training courses. Completing the courses and acquiring your license early can help you achieve your dream of being a successful pilot. However, you may find yourself facing the challenge of balancing college courses with your flight training. While this balance can seem difficult, you don’t need to throw out the option altogether. In fact, with proper time management and perseverance, acquiring your college degree and flight training completion certificate is possible. There are several steps you can take to successfully balance both commitments.


●        Communicate With Your Flight Trainer

The team at Twin Cities Flight Training wants to see each student succeed, which is why we will do our best to work with you through your schedule and other commitments. If you’re currently enrolled at a university, communicate with your private pilot instructor about your scheduling challenges. Your trainer will work with you to arrange a course plan that works best for you.

●        Organize Your Goals and Tasks

Once you arrange a schedule that works for you, remember to keep your goals and responsibilities in mind. Keep a list of upcoming classes, tests, and homework assignments. Sticking to your schedule and keeping your goals in mind will help you complete your schooling and flight training within your expected timeframe.

●        Take the Non-Accelerated Flight Course

Because you have college courses and responsibilities to tend to, you should try and avoid taking the accelerated private flight training course. The standard private pilot’s license training is conducted at a pace that works best for you, which will be extremely beneficial throughout a busy schedule. You may have a difficult time completing an intensive accelerated flight training course in the midst of college tests and lessons.

●        Practice Self Discipline

Balancing two important educational commitments at one time takes a significant amount of self-discipline and organization. Prior to enrolling in your private flight training, you should feel confident in your organizational skills and productivity. In order to succeed with both commitments, you should be able to take on all the demands that are associated.


At Twin Cities Flight Training, we provide our students with top-tier private pilot training courses. We want to see each and every student succeed and become the pilot they have always dreamed of being. If you’re in college and think you can take on the balance of both college courses and flight training, contact us today. We look forward to helping acquire your private pilot license.